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Lih Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Twinson International Limited

YMG/ Lih Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1985, during these 25 years,
Lih Yuan continuously focused on the representative and promotion the advanced scientific and high technique instruments in Taiwan, Hong Kong and in China outstandingly.

In Century 20 and Century 21, with the rapid revolution of material sciences, YMG/Lih Yuan & Twinson keep introducing the advanced scientific and high technique instruments for the industries, research institutes, RD and universities from the Traditional Materials Analysis, Nano, Micro-Nano, Optical, Semiconductor, Green Energy, Bio-tech, Bio-chip and Soft Materials relatively and variously for both『Material Science』 and 『Life Science』.

Materials Analysis – Thermal Analysis、Stbility、Thin-Film、Dynamic Mechanical Analysis、Microwave Dielectrometer、Dynamic characterization of NEMS & MEMS

Materials Processing – Microcompounder、Microinjection、Spin Fiber Device、Film Device

Nano & Optical – Nano Thermal Analysis、Hall Effect Measurement、
Electrochemical Dilatometer、Laser MBE

Bio-Tech – 3D Digital Holographic Microscop (DHMTM)、Time-Resolved Spectrofluorometer、Imaging Ellipsometer

With the spirit Stable Growth Everlastingand with the culture of entrepreneur --RoyaltyQualityServicesTeam Work & Innovationconsistently inspired YMG/Lih Yuan & Twinson making efforts on providing the Total Solutionfor customers trouble shooting rapidly and satisfactorily.

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